Ultimo Dragon

Yoshihiro Asai (浅井 嘉浩, Asai Yoshihiro?), (born December 12, 1966 in Nagoya, Aichi), better known as Último Dragón (ウルティモ ドラゴン?), is a Japanese professional wrestler and actor.[1] In addition to having trained in Japan, Asai learned to wrestle in the lucha libre style while working in Mexico. Asai is credited with popularizing the "Asai Moonsault". Asai is the only professional wrestler in the world to hold 11 titles at the same time. On October 11, 1996, he won the J-Crown, a unification of eight junior (lightweight) division titles from various international promotions. At the time, he also held the NWA Middleweight and WCW Cruiserweight titles, plus he co-held the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, making him the most decorated wrestler in the world, a record which still stands.[2] He speaks Spanish fluently, and resided in Mexico for several years.

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