They Rise Title

They Rise is the title of a tertiary project based on the design of Ultimate Showdown. Unlike Ultimate Showdown or Amalgam Online, however, characters featured in They Rise are in fact actual, living, breathing people whom he has met or had contact with over the course of his lifetime. In fact, only one character exists in-game who is not based upon a live person (or a zombie from a media source, which feature as easter eggs): Zarysh, the leader of the Antithesis. However, it can be speculated that beneath his mysterious robes, he too may be an actual individual...

They Rise Spritesheet 01

The first They Rise spritesheet.

Also unlike Ultimate Showdown, which is an online Action "Battle Royale" game; and Amalgam Online, which is an online Action RPG; They Rise is a single player Survival Horror.

Concept Edit

Somarinoa is a zombie movie fanatic. He has written a couple of scripts for zombie films but none have panned out, mostly because of a lack of making time to appear in the film by his friends, which each part was specifically written for. When one friend died and several moved out of state, he decided to switch over to a game instead, which became known as They Rise.

Known Characters Edit

Sprite Name Type General Location
Aaron Waller Playable Character Unspecified Fred Meyer
Alex Millican Survivor Patterson
Diana Womack Survivor Old Seward
'Sric the Prick
(Esric Haddock)
Psychopath Various highways and major roads (random)
Ferin Berry Survivor Unspecified
Jason Yates Psychopath Unspecified
Jeff McDonald Survivor Dimond
Jerry Prevo Psychopath Northern Lights
Jessica Profile Jessica Womack Survivor DeBarr
Sarah Palin Survivor Downtown
Scott Root Playable Character Airport
Shazia Ahmed Survivor Hillside
Tammy Thomas Survivor Patterson
(Tad Wade)
Psychopath Downtown
Theric Austin Survivor Muldoon
(Tony Sargent)
Psychopath DeBarr
Thor Profile Thor Steinbach Playable Character Muldoon
Trevor Austin Survivor Unspecified
Vivian Roff Survivor Unspecified
Zack Seifert Survivor Unspecified
Zarysh Psychopath Downtown