OTO Insignia 1
Outer Terrestrial Organization
Universe Outer Terrestrial Creatures Universe
Founder Squibo
Homeworld Unknown
Capitol City Unknown
Colors Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Current Strength Unknown

The Outer Terrestrial Organization is a small group of sapient species which declare themselves as inhabiting a small star cluster. The affiliated species all seem to have evolved in a similar manner, with each ending up short in stature with large heads and a clumsy, almost comical personality and movement style. They care little for the workings of other groups and generally band together on their own. They seem to have a child-like naïveté about the events that have been rearing their dark heads, and spend their days exploring and enjoying life, no matter how many times it leads to them landing on their backs. Unfortunately, their starships are often attacked by Space Pirates and other groups when discovered due to their overall incapability of defending themselves. As such, they are often at the mercy of the whims of other organizations.

Affiliated Species Edit

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