Max Moon

After he was approached by talent scout Pat Patterson, Konnan spent eight months in the American World Wrestling Federation as Max Moon in 1992. The Moon character, created by Konnan,[14] was that of a cyborg who wore an outfit (purchased by the WWF at the cost of $1,300) bedecked with circuitry and a pyrotechnic gun during his approach to the ring. Konnan was given many ring names, including his own name, the Comet Kid, Maximillion Moves, El Electrico, and eventually Max Moon. His character hailed from "The Future" or "Outer Space", his entrance music was a techno song, and his finishing move was the flying bodypress (a somersault onto his opponent with them on his shoulders). His attire was blue leather, silver foam tubing and a mask. On his way to the ring, he shot sparkles into the crowd.

Debuting in the WWF on September 1, 1992 in Hershey, Pennsylvania under the name the Comet Kid, he pinned Duane Gill. After three televised matches, Konnan left the WWF following a disagreement with WWF owner Vince McMahon. Konnan believed that he was being discriminated against and resented McMahon's refusal to give him a guaranteed contract. The Max Moon gimmick was subsequently given to Paul Diamond, before being abandoned.[15]

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