Jessica Profile
Jessica Lee Womack
Universe They Rise Universe
Age Unspecified (Early 20s)
Gender Female
Hair color Red (False)
Eye color Brown (True) & Blue (False)
Class Survivor
Affiliation Freelance
Location Costco Warehouse
DeBarr Road & Bragaw Avenue

Jessica Womack is a young survivor of Z-Day. She has become trapped within a Costco Warehouse at the onset of the outbreak.

Z-Day Edit

When the zombie holocaust hit her current residence in the early onset of morning, she was shopping at Costco. Fortunately for her, she was far in the back and got to see the commotion and aftermath of the zombies swarming into the warehouse. Thinking fast, she fled to the back but made an incorrect turn in her panic, leading her to the garbage chute rather than the back door.

In truth, this blunder likely saved her life, and because of the very nature of the garbage chute — mainly to dispose of cardboard boxes from the night stocker's work the night before — she was able to quickly construct herself a makeshift "fort" out of the various cardboard boxes still stuffed back there from a night of laziness. She was capable of providing herself with a pretty wide area with the cardboard remains, and after building the initial wall to hide behind, she used the flatbed carts that the boxes had been laying upon to strengthen the wall in case a zombie might accidentally blunder into it and reveal her hiding place, and afterwards successfully built up the wall to make it quite a cozy place to stay, if one could consider living in an area with a hundred zombies "cozy". Thankfully, she had nearly finished shopping for an entire month's worth of food when the outbreak occurred and so she had an immense amount of food back with her to try and survive for as long as possible.

Jessica however is still very frightened, and in full knowledge that she's trapped there, and once her food runs out, she will very likely be done for unless someone comes and rescues her. Where is her knight in shining armor when she needs him..?

Once Safe Edit

Rescuing Jessica requires a little more than simply finding her and moving on out to a safehouse somewhere — she is too scared to budge until the zombie threat has been entirely cleared. As such, you must shut the gates (otherwise zombies will come in to replace those killed) and then kill all of the zombies located therein. Once this has been accomplished, returning to her will unlock this particular Costco Warehouse as a safehouse. Because of its storage of food and size, it can store 50 survivors. Jessica will remain in the Costco and states that she will run the safehouse in your absence. To find her again, you have to enter the upstairs office. You can do a quest to locate her cats, Charlie Rose and Lyla, and bring them safely to the safehouse.