JC Ice

In the United States Wrestling Association in the early 1990s, Dundee turned on his father and became J.C. Ice, a white rapper. Dundee formed a tag team known as PG-13 with Wolfie D and dominated the USWA tag team division throughout the mid-1990s, winning the USWA Tag Team Championship on fifteen occasions. After losing to Bill Dundee, PG-13 were obliged to leave the USWA. They returned shortly thereafter under masks as The Cyberpunks, with Dundee known as "Ice" and Wolfie D known as "Fire". After some time, The Cyberpunks unmasked and reverted to being PG-13.[2]

In 1995, PG-13 entered the World Wrestling Federation and feuded with the Smoking Gunns but were gone shortly thereafter. In 1997, they re-appeared with the World Wrestling Federation as members of the Nation of Domination. Along with Jim Johnston and Wolfie D., he helped create their theme song. The next year, PG-13 appeared with Extreme Championship Wrestling, where they became known for goading the audience and their opponents. They wrestled The Eliminators, Spike Dudley, and Mikey Whipwreck.

PG-13 appeared briefly for World Championship Wrestling in the early 2000s, where at times they teamed with Frog. They frequently had matches with the Jung Dragons and Three Count. Subsequently, PG-13 appeared with Memphis Wrestling. At one point, Dundee was nicknamed "The Convict" and had a gimmick that saw him handcuffed before and after his matches.