Hung Juror Concept
Hung Juror
Universe They Rise Universe
Gender Male or Female
Class Zombie
Location Downtown (Courthouses)

Hung Jurors are what remains of a number of jurors during the events of Z-Day.

Z-Day Edit

Some jurors barricaded themselves in their courtrooms while zombies clawed at the doors, and right before the zombies got through, several hung themselves in order to take their own lives and keep from suffering the pain and anguish of being eaten alive. While many of their necks were broken, they were not technically dead when the zombies burst in, and were still infected. A number of hung jurors however still failed to break their necks, and therefore felt the horrendous pain anyway.


Most Hung Jurors are restrained to the noose that they used to hang themselves with, although a very strict minority have had this broken for whatever reasons and either can crawl or simply lay there. Of all of these jurors, it is those who failed to break their necks that will actually reach out to attack any potential prey that may pass; all others will simply be capable of biting.

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