Het Nkik

Het Nkik was a free-thinking Jawa from Tatooine. Unlike most members of his species, he believed that the Jawas were not powerless and needed only to push themselves to be strong and fight back against their enemies—the Tusken Raiders and the Galactic Empire. Nkik had held unorthodox beliefs ever since he and his friend Jek Nkik had managed to repair an E522 assassin droid around 2 BBY and sell it to the crime lord Lady Valarian, despite the objections of other Jawas. This gave him the belief that Jawas could do anything they wanted to if properly motivated, a view only strengthened when he later managed to scare off several Tusken Raiders singlehandedly, saving himself from death.

After Jek Nkik was killed by Imperial stormtroopers in 0 BBY, Het Nkik was motivated to avenge his friend's death and inspire his species to oppose the Empire. He purchased a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol from a fellow Jawa and traveled to Mos Eisley, where an Imperial garrison was stationed. Once in the spaceport, Nkik spent a brief time in Chalmun's cantina, where he purchased a stimulant to build up his confidence. While there, he bought a Tusken battle talisman from the Ranat Reegesk. Nkik was unaware, however, that Reegesk had stolen his blaster's power pak. When he confronted a group of stormtroopers outside a short time later, his blaster failed to shoot, due to the missing power pak. Nkik noticed this too late and was shot dead by stormtrooper 1047.

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