Primary Information
Universe Xombie Universe
Species Human Xombie
Gender Male
Class(es) Diehard, Zombie
Starting Point Romero Cemetery
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Unlife
Weaponry Shovel, Chain, Sword

Dirge is the protagonist to James Farr's Xombie. He is one of only a couple known Xombies in existence, which are zombies which retain their consciousness; these are also referred to as Variants and Talkers. Has no memory before "waking up", nor his real name, as the name Dirge is one he created for himself which he got off of the door to the cemetery after Zoe asked him. Though having a dead body, he is extremely muscular and keeps himself from falling apart by embalming fluid injections and changing parts with other zombies he kills. After meeting Zoe, and with no real purpose in his unlife, he dedicates the rest of his unlife to protecting the young girl and getting her to the safety of a Human settlement.

He utilizes three weapons to fight: he possesses a dull shovel which is able to slice through hordes of zombies (likely due to their decayed states), a chain, and a makeshift sword constructed out of a helicopter blade. He has a pet zombie dog which he named Cerberus. He is known for his dry sense of humor as well as listening to the music of Mozart.


Sic 'EmEdit

Dirge is constantly followed by his battle pet, Cerberus. With this ability he can sic Cerberus upon his current target; the dog will attack relentlessly. While the cooldown is normally 2 minutes for using him, if defeated he can return for use again after an extended 5 minute cooldown (as the dog is also a Xombie).




Rotor SwordEdit

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