Blobby 1
Origin Universe Outer Terrestrial Creatures Universe
Species Type Civilian Species
Homeworld Unknown
Natural Alignment Outer Terrestrial Organization

The Blobbies are a sapient race found in the Amalgam Galaxy. They are neutral to the events currently unfolding.

Physiology Edit

Blobbies are strange, large-headed extraterrestrial bipeds of unknown evolutionary background or planetary origin which are known best for their clumsiness. Like a Human child, they will often fall face-forward and because of their relatively-spherical head, they often end up landing on their back. Due to their eyes being on stalks, they likely also have a significant blind spot. At least two skin tone variations are known: these are a blue and purple hue and a red and yellow hue. It is unknown if these may be gender differentiations, subspecies, simple color variation, tones switched out during alternate seasons, or any other potential reason.

Background Edit

Blobbies are a small race of strange creatures indigenous to an unknown star cluster. They have large heads and as such are clumsy creatures. Through some strangely coincidental turn of events, the other sapient races found within the same star cluster are of a highly similar evolutionary design style, and this has led to each of the species to band together into their own affiliation, known as the Outer Terrestrial Organization. They seem to have a child-like naïveté about the events that have been rearing their dark heads, and spend their days exploring and enjoying life, no matter how many times it leads to them landing on their backs.

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