Arcona Male
Origin Universe Star Wars Universe
Species Type Playable Species
Homeworld Cona
Natural Alignment Galactic Empire

The Arcona are a sapient race found in the Amalgam Galaxy. They are major players in the events currently unfolding.

Description Edit

Arcona are a family-oriented species. In a manner often considered the polar opposite of mankind's own evolutionary instincts, it is the males of the species who are more likely to watch over offspring, while the females are the more thrill-seeking of the species. Cona is a desert world and thereby salt causes immediate dehydration sickness, which can be highly addictive for their kind.

Play Style Edit

Because of the very nature of their species, Arcona will enter a hallucinatory state should they consume anything containing salt. While not yet implemented, this is currently planned to randomly alter every sprite in the game to a random other one, and flag them all as neutral so that you can no longer tell what anything is. This would be ridiculously debilitating, however and so other options are currently being considered.

Arcona breathe an Wikipedia:ammonia-based atmosphere, and therefore cannot breathe in "normal" atmospheric conditions. In order to survive outside of their natural environment or worlds with similar atmospheric conditions, they must take Ammonia Supplemental Capsules once an hour or they will begin to asphyxiate. Carrying these capsules is therefore very important to an Arcona player. The hour will continue to count down even should the player go to a world of Ammonia simply because their body will still continue to digest the capsule. Capsules cost a bare minimum of galactic credits, currently set as 1gc per capsule. Later on one may buy atmospheric suits that hold atmosphere tanks, which will significantly increase the length of time one can survive off-world while being worn. Initial tanks hold 1 hour of atmosphere, and then must be recharged for a minimal fee or be taken to a world based on that specific atmospheric element to fill them for free. High-end suits actually chemically alter any molecule that enters the suit into the proper atmosphere needed to breathe.

Should an Arcona consume too much salt over the course of a certain set time, their eyes will permanently morph to gold.

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