Alien Hominid
"Alien Hominid"
Origin Universe Behemoth Universe
Species Type Playable Species
Homeworld Unknown
Natural Alignment Neutral

The "Alien Hominids" are a sapient race found in the Amalgam Galaxy. They are major players in the events currently unfolding. Unlike many other species, the Alien Hominids never provided themselves with a species name, forcing others to name them what they could; however, another confusing factor is that, even despite the newness of the alternate reality they now inhabit alongside everything else in the Amalgam Galaxy, their homeworld has not yet been located and some races even have begun to think that they don't even possess one or have already somehow destroyed it.

Play Style Edit

Alien Hominids are a violent lot. As such they are built around combat and their classes reflect this. While naturally one would assume that they would keep to themselves from what we know of them, that would really end up being up to the player.

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