Aircon(ditioner) Man
Aircon Man
Universe Mega Man Universe
Game Appearance Ultimate Showdown
Species Robot Master
Gender Male-Programming
Class Unspecified

Similar to the previous game, Mega Man & Bass, two characters are available for play: Mega Man and Bass. Mega Man handles like previous games in the series, combining charged attacks and sliding across the ground. Bass, like in the previous game, can fire rapidly in set 45-degree angles, and has dash and double jump abilities. A notable part of the gameplay is that the "Robot Masters" in this game do not have an invincibility period after being hit, allowing the player to continuously attack them if possible. Another notable point is that during Aircon Man's stage, the handheld must be tilted onto one side, allowing the stage to be played vertically.[1][2] Yet another point is that there are only five weapons to be obtained, with Compass Man not surrendering a weapon for the player to use.

The Bolt system also makes a comeback, with various parts and equipment able to be bought. Both characters have items that only work for them, such as Mega Man being able to summon Rush, Eddie, Tango and Beat. Bass can summon Treble and Reggae (a bird-type support robot that last was seen in the 1993 Famicom game Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise).

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